Our activities for our members

... and for the benefit of the entire professional UAS community:

  • Regular networking meetings (usually once a quarter) for exchange and up-to-date information among members.

  • Monthly newsletter and other up-to-date information mailings for the practical exchange of knowledge among each other

  • Ongoing exchange with the relevant national authorities (BMK, ACG/DCC etc.) as well as those of the EU (EC, EASA) in order to develop and present common positions of the Austrian UAS community.

  • Cooperation with other relevant stakeholders in Austria and beyond, e.g. at events

  • Expert statements to represent the professional UAS community, e.g. within the framework of official consultation procedures (e.g. JARUS, NPAs). 

  • Membership and participation in other relevant associations such as the EU umbrella organisation JEDA and UAV-DACH

  • Participation and presentations at national and international events of relevant authorities or associations in order to make our positions public.

  • Supporting services, information work, events, media work, homepage etc. - see also current information in our profile on LinkedIn

Networking competence: BMK Drone Conference 28. 11. 2022
AAD meeting with the Austrian UAS community - 14. 03. 2023 (Graz, Joanneum Research)
AAD meeting with the Austrian UAS community - 14. 03. 2023 (Graz, Joanneum Research)

We are

What we work on

As national drone association, we work in particular on issues relating to:

  • Development, including application-oriented Research and Testing

  • Production, including equipment-related certification issues

  • Operation, including flight-related certification issues

For us, the term "drone", which is most familiar from the media, encompasses the following in equal measure according to the ICAO definition:

  • UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (the actual drone)

  • UA - Unmanned Aircraft (synonymous with UAV)

  • UAS - Unmanned Aircraft System (the entire system, i.e. the drone including all additional systems such as ground control station, etc.)

  • RPAS - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (synonymous with UAS)

Currently, we are dealing with the well-known long-running issues of the Austrian UAS community, especially:

  • Research issues such as innovative research topics and related national and EUropean research funding (TAKE OFF, HORIZION, etc.).

  • Current research issues such as BVLOS flights, AI in the drone sector, UAM, UTM & U-Space, Detect & Avoid, etc.

  • Practical issues regarding the approval and handling of complex requirements such as SORA and BVLOS in Austria, among others.

  • Supporting topics such as drone acceptance, privacy protection, differentiation from purely private use such as model flying, etc.

and in the area of regulations in particular:

  • EU drone regulations for the UAV certification (EU 2019/947 – EU 2019/945)

  • EU drone regulations on airspace management for drones (UTM) and U-Space (EU 2021/664+)

  • National implementation of EU drone regulations by BMK, ACG/DCC and other authorities (telecommunications authority, etc.).

  • In particular air traffic regulations (LFG, LVR 2014) and implementation of geo-zones, registration, etc.

  • Other relevant international regulations (ICAO, JARUS) and associated standards (ED, STAN, ASTM, etc.)

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